How to turn an automation clip into an LFO in FL Studio

First of all, what’s an LFO? It’s a low frequency oscillation, which basically means that it’s a signal that oscillates at a certain frequency (which can be sped up or down) and then be used to modulate other audiable frequencies or effects. This is an incredibly useful tool to use in your productions. LFO’s are great for;‍

  • Wobbly sounds
  • Risers and other effects
  • Creating movement in sounds
  • Modulating parameters to make sounds more interesting
  • Vibrato & tremolo

But what is this guide about? Well, not long ago I found out a way to use customized LFO’s in FL Studio’s automation clips. For some reason this isn’t a widely known setting, and I felt like sharing as a practical example.‍

Let’s say you have lots of layers in different soft synths that together build up a sound. What do you do when you want them all to wobble together? Do you use the internal LFO’s in all 10 synths? Well you could, but let’s work smart instead of hard. ‍

What if you could route all these sounds together into one channel, and from there make them wobble together? That’s exactly what you can do with this technique.‍

  1. Make sure to have all your different layers routed into separate channels in the mixer.
  2. Select all these channels by holding CTRL (CMD on MAC) and click and drag your mouse over all of them.
  3. Route all these channels into one channel. Let’s call it “LFO-wubz”.
  4. Add parametric EQ 2 (or your favorite EQ plugin) on the “LFO-wubz” channel.
  5. Add a low pass filter by right clicking the seventh band and select “type” -> “low pass”.
  6. Create an automation clip by right clicking the blue knob of the seventh band in the bottom right corner and select “Create automation clip”.
  7. Okay, now go into the playlist and double click the created automation clip.
  8. You will now get some LFO-settings for that specific automation clip. Click the “Enable LFO” button. Now you have made a LFO-automation clip.
  9. In order to control the speed and amount of the LFO, right click “Speed” and “Amt” (amount) and create an automation clip for both of them.
  10. Tweak the automation clips for both speed and amount to your liking.

Now you're done. Have fun.