The Ultimate List of Free Lofi Hip Hop Resources

Do you produce Lofi hip hop beats or similar genres? Then you better check this post out.

Earlier this year I was on a little Lofi Hip Hop production streak. I listened to idealism - Lonely, and something just clicked, which made me want to dive into this genre a bit deeper. 

So what happened? Well, I got the feels and started to produce it for weeks on end.

The thing I like the most about the genre is the creative freedom and the feeling of not having to make it sound perfect. In contrast to other EDM genres with polished mixes, quantized MIDI-notes and overall perfect sounds, this genre was a nice break from all that.

But how do you get started with producing Lofi type music? Well check this out.

The first thing you should do is to download samples. That’s where this post will come in handy.

Down below I've tried to sum up links to amazing free sample packs. You’ll see the direct download links down below. Please keep in mind that not everything on this list is royalty free, even though no one will probably care.

Reddit is a goldmine for almost everything. Here are a few sample packs I’ve sourced on Reddit following the technique I’ve written about in this blog post about finding high quality genre related samples online.

Free Lofi Sample packs

Juesswork - Roughcuts Drumkit

This is a great little sample pack that contains kicks, snares, hats, vocal samples etc. Check it out!

Juesswork - Laidback Breaks

Another little pack by Juesswork. This one contains drum breaks that are very useful both for sampling and to use as is.

Reddit user Zurrue's pack of stuff

This pack is a bit bigger, and contains kicks, snares, cymbals, percussion, shakers etc. Definitely worth downloading!

Keys sample pack 1

Here we have some jazzy piano loops. These are great to build your tracks around.

Iyatsu lofi sample pack vol 1

This is a bigger pack as well. It has lots of drums, vocals, vinyl atmos, acapellas and drum breaks.

AJMW - Unity - DrumKit & Sample Pack

Here's over 100 samples in one free pack. Textures, drums, SFX, pads etc.

Erameld Drum Kit [vol 1]

This is a cute little drum kit.

kavv lofi essentials vol. 1

kavv has created an "essential" lofi sample pack. 63 mb of pure greatness.

Vide sample pack vol. 1

This one contains basses, drums, guitars, textures and even some presets for various synths. Check it out!

Tylasno kit vol. 1

Another pretty standard drum kit sample pack.

Swum drum kit

Drum loops, kicks, percussions, FX etc. I really like the name Swum also hehe.

Aso lofi and foley

As the name tells, this one contains some cool foley sounds (and drums of course).

Okay, that’s quite a few totally free downloadable packs of high quality lofi samples. These should definitely be enough to get you started, but if you’re looking for more, be sure to check out this extremely helpful reddit post.

There you’ll find even more free and paid sample packs, plugins and even books related to music production and the lofi genre.