Loopcloud 5 Review

The first version of Loopcloud was released just a couple of years ago, and since then the creators over at Loopmasters have really developed something interesting for us music producers. 

What is Loopcloud?

This is a clean little sample organizing tool that runs inside your DAW. It lets you load up your own samples, tag them, and easily find them later. For a small monthly fee it also lets you download a set amount of samples from the Loopmaster library of about 3 million samples. These samples can be auditioned for free, so that you can see how they would fit inside your production before committing to them. 

The samples are all under a royalty free license, so you’re able to use them even commercially.

What’s new in Loopcloud 5?

There is now an addition of a sample editing tool that lets you cut, rearrange, stretch and put some effects on the samples inside the Loopcloud application. There’s even a multitrack feature that lets you audition and edit multiple samples together while getting your creativity going. These multitracks can then be exported as only one audio file and be dragged directly into your DAW.

Why do I need it?

Well if you’re looking for a good way to find quality samples and maybe getting out of your comfort zone with some new ideas, this application would certainly be a great addition to your toolbox. 

It’s also pretty handy to keep your own local sample library organized and can improve your workflow by having all the samples tagged correctly.

What does it cost?

Loopcloud offers 4 different plans;

  • The free plan which comes with 5 free sounds per day. You can also use this free plan for sample organization, but the editing functions are not available.

  • The artist version costs about €7 and gives you 100 sounds as well as 5 GB storage for your own local samples. The editing functions are also available for this plan.

  • Studio version is at about €11 euros / month and give you 300 sounds and a bigger storage for your local samples. It also gives you 20 free sounds per day.

  • The last plan, Professional version, is the biggest. It costs about €20 / month and gives you 600 sounds to download as well as 50 free sounds per day.

What are the pros and cons of Loopcloud 5?

Let’s start with the pros;

  • Free sounds, even on the free plan.
  • The sample audition and the ability to sync the sounds to the tempo of your production is awesome. It keeps you from downloading stuff that you don’t really need.
  • Tagged samples keeps you organized.
  • Slick design of the application
  • Competitive pricing


  • The library of sounds isn’t as big as some of its competitors (mainly Splice)
  • No storage for your local samples in the free plan
  • Some reported bugs

Okay, that was it. I hope you got some insight into how Loopcloud works. Feel free to take a look at it on the official website by clicking here.