Landr Samples Review

Landr, who previously only were an online AI mastering tool, has expanded into a sample library. This is something I hadn’t even heard of before checking out their website the other day, but it certainly looks promising.

They are following a similar credit system to its competitors Splice and Loopcloud, but the pricing is a bit different.

The pricing structure is currently:

  • 75 credits per month for about $5. (I couldn’t get the exact number in dollars, since it automatically changed to Swedish kronor for me).
  • 200 credits per month for about $10.
  • 400 credits per year (I think) for $50 per year. This is a bit confusing, since I don’t see a reason to pay yearly for something that you might need to use every month.

The pricing is about as cheap as its competitors, except for the last option which I haven’t fully understood yet.

So what is standing out about Landr samples?

The first thing I noticed was that they are using artificial intelligence to help with sample selection. When looking into this I found that there’s a “Selector button” that matches samples to fit with the sample you pressed the button on.

This could be helpful if you for example found a nice pad sound that you would like to layer with additional samples. I haven’t been able to explore too much on Landr to know whether this is just a buzzword, or if it really helps, but it’s still pretty cool.

The design and UI of the library is overall really clean, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Unfortunately they haven’t expanded the library big enough yet, so I feel like Splice is currently a better alternative just because of the huge amount of sounds.

There are a bit of exclusive sounds that only can be found on Landr, but there’s also some well known names such as WA Productions etc.

Another thing to note is that Landr samples previously was a free service, but they changed this recently. This is probably because they’ve decided to expand the library, and need to pay their creators. I don’t find this to be a problem at all though.

Summary of Landr Samples


  • Royalty free
  • AI Sample recommendation
  • Easy navigation through samples
  • Exclusive samples


  • Smaller library than splice
  • Weird pricing
  • Not as developed app as splice or loopcloud