Ample Bass P Lite II Review

September 26, 2019

Okay, so sometime last year I was looking for a nice simple little bass plugin to use in some tracks that needed that acoustic bass feeling. When looking for new plugins, I usually try to find a free alternative before spending any hard earned money, and this time it payed off.

Ample Bass P Lite II is a free lite edition of the full version of Ample Bass P, but it does its job and it does it well. The plugin itself has only one main bass sound that you can use in the lite version, but it actually sounds pretty good. The full version is a bit more advanced with more sounds to choose from, but since this review is mainly about the lite version, I’ll try to keep it about that.

Because of the velocity sensitivity and internal effects such as accent noise, auto buzz and articulations, you can get it to sound pretty sweet in most productions (at least in electronic music where the authenticity of the sound itself doesn’t matter as much as in other genres). The small artifacts that replicates a “real” bass player makes it so much more realistic and can sometimes bring in a whole new level of organic feeling to a production.

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So how does this thing actually sound?

There are lots of demos and reviews on the internet in which you can hear how this plugin actually sounds. I’ve been using it myself in a few public videos and productions, so first you can take a look at the brief video review I’ve made;

This plugin was also used in my fully self produced Launchpad performance (and remake) of Jon Bellion’s track Hand of God. The main bass that you can hear throughout the second half of the drops and in the second verse is using this plugin with some distortion to make it match the original acoustic bass in the original track.

I’m sure that most of you people who are reading this are familiar with Madeon? His new track “All My Friends” features a really interesting prominant bass line that goes through most of the drops and verses. This bass is heavily processed with some kind of dimension expander, alternatively some chorus effect or unision. I actually tried to get as close as possible to this bass with ABPL II in my remake of All My Friends. You can check it out and judge for yourself in the video below. (This video isn’t released yet, but I’ll post it asap).

Where do I download this plugin?

You can download APBL over at pluginboutique (which I really do recommend since you always get discount codes and freebies when signing up), over at the creators own site or by checking it out at‍