How to Make Don Diablo's Wobble Lead in Serum

September 27, 2019

Everyone loves Don Diablo. Or maybe not everyone, but I do at least. Many of his tracks has this really cool wobbly lead that many would associate with him and his lable Hexagon. This type of leads have become more and more popular during the last few years with artists like R3hab using them. Let's go through how you can make your own.

  1. Start off with a simple saw wavetable.
  2. Add some unison, maybe 8-16 voices, and detune them quite heavily (two thirds).
  3. Add some release to envelope 1 (200 - 300 ms)
  4. Add LFO 1 to the filter and shape it like this to get the wobbly feel:

  1. Turn the filter from a 12 dB Lowpass to a 24 dB lowpass filter
  2. Make sure to set the LFO to trigger mode instead of Envelope mode. This will trigger the LFO on every MIDI-note.
  3. Add the same LFO to the resonance and give it a slight resonance on every wobble
  4. If you want you can turn on the Keyboard tracking.


  1. Add Hyper / Dimension and give the sound a slight mix of dimension expander for some space.
  2. Add some Tube Distortion (maybe 75% on amount) which will give the sound some grit.
  3. Add reverb for some more space.
  4. Add an EQ and remove some of the low mids (<150 hZ) and maybe boost some highs (>8000).

That's it. Modify the LFO shape, filter amount and anything else that you feel would give the sound another character. Maybe add some macros on the filter in order to automate the sound through your tracks? Maybe shape the LFO to be even more wobbly? You can do almost anything.

Have fun