Splice.com Review

September 26, 2019

Okay, so what really is Splice?

Splice is the secret sauce to a successful production. Splice is god’s gift to the bedroom producer on a budget. Splice is what you have dreamt about at night under your whole production career. But not really.‍

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The thing about Splice is that it’s split up into 4 main sections, where all of them focus on music production in some way.

Splice Sounds is basically an extremely big library of samples, loops and presets that users are able to go through and pick out the perfect ones for their productions.

Splice Studio is a collaboration platform where producers can share and work together on the same projects. This is made possible through the “Splice App” that automatically upload and download new versions of a project file. It’s kind of like a private github but for music producers.

Splice Community is a platform for remix contests and sharing of project files with the community.

Splice Plugins is for me, together with Splice Sounds, the biggest selling point for Splice overall. They have developed a “rent-to-own” system for VST plugins where you pay a small amount of money each month to rent a specific plugin. When you have rented the plugin for a set amount of months, you own it forever!

Splice Sounds is amazing

Have you ever bought a sample pack, just to find out that 90% of the sounds were trash? Well I guess every producer have been through that. By giving users a chance to listen to a sound before downloading (and paying for it) Splice gives the users more control over what they exactly want, while at the same time forcing companies to produce extremely high quality sounds (because who would want to download trash if they aren’t forced to?).

This has changed the game for many producers. With the help of filters and a good search system, you can easily find the perfect sample(s) for your production in minutes. By doing this, you can also easily build up your own personal sample library and develop your own style with ease.

While Splice gives you the option to use their app as a search system on your local computer, I prefer to download the samples and drag them into separate folders depending on the style. For example, I’m using a folder system with three big categories; EDM, Pop & Trap. Inside these folders I keep a subfolder for the different types of sounds I have, for example; Kicks, snares, hi-hats etc. This is totally down to preference though.

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Rent-to-own is the future

The second thing that I praised at the start of this review is Splice’s rent-to-own system. I’ve seen other companies starting to do this more and more (Sylenth1 for example), but Splice’s has already managed to bring together a vast amount of companies who develop great plugins.

Are there any alternatives for Splice?

Okay, let’s split this up in the 4 sections and explore the alternatives.

Splice sounds – there are actually a few alternatives to Splice Sounds, even though they don’t work in the exact same way.

Loopcloud is a library and application developed by Loomasters, in which the users can buy credits and exchange these for samples and loops. This library might not be as big as Splice’s, but it comes with 1 GB of freebies as well as 150 free samples per week. It’s definitely a thing to try out! Want to try it out? Click here.

Sounds by native instruments is another big library that mostly focuses on sounds for music production. It’s in the same price range but doesn’t currently have a desktop application.

Splice Studio is (at least to my knowledge) unique to Splice. I haven’t been able to find any platform that seamlessly lets the users collaborate in the cloud.

Splice Community does have a few competitors. Sites like Metapop, Indaba music and Skiomusic does host remix competitions, and other sites like Remixcomps.io keeps track of them.

Splice plugins also has a few available alternatives, even though most of them are smaller or just one company who provides rent-to-own plugins. Pluginplay.co is probably the biggest one with 39 plugins available at this moment. Waves and propellerhead are two big plugin developers who also provides this service for their own created plugins. And as you may have read earlier in this review, Lennardigital just recently started letting users subscribe to Sylenth1 for $9.99 / month.