Frequency to Note Chart aka. The Kick Tuning Chart

October 2, 2019

Here you have a small useful chart (courtesy of in which you can see what frequency a certain note has. This is very useful when tuning your kicks for example.

Let's say you have a kick that has the fundamental frequency of 58 Hz. According to this chart, it means that your kick is playing in A#. Does it fit the key of your track, or should it be changed / tuned? 

You may not hear it on headphones or small speakers, but if the track is meant to be played in a club you're probably better off tuning it. You wouldn't leave your bass in the wrong key, now would you?

Note that I'm starting at D# (38.89 Hz), since most elements you're using probably won't go any lower than that.

D# = 38.89 Hz

E1 = 41.20 Hz

F1 = 43.65 Hz

F#1 = 46.25 Hz

G1 = 49.00 Hz

G#1 = 51.91 Hz

A1 = 55.00 Hz

A#1 = 58.27 Hz

B1 = 61.74 Hz

C2 = 65.41 Hz

C#2 = 69.30 Hz

D2 = 73.42 Hz

D#2 = 77.78 Hz

E2 = 82.41 Hz

F2 = 87.31 Hz

F#2 = 92.50 Hz

G2 = 98.00 Hz

Now go tune your kicks! Don't know how to do it? I've created a step by step guide for you to follow. Check it out by clicking here.