How to isolate vocals in iZotope RX 7 (DIY acapellas)

September 27, 2019

This is a really simple guide on how you can make your own acapellas with iZotope RX 7. This can be done with any track, but the results may vary a bit depending on the amount of elements in the track as well as the complexity of it.‍

But first, what is iZotope RX 7? It’s mainly an audio repair software that helps you reduce noise, rebalance music tracks and other features for audio repair. I this case we’re using the “Music rebalance” feature which helps you filter out certain elements out of a finished track. ‍

  1. Open up iZotope RX 7 and drag & drop in the track you want to make into an acapella.
  2. Select “Music Rebalance” under “Repair” in the menu to the right.
  3. There are 4 different elements that you can filter out of the track; vocals, bass, percussion and other. In this case, drag down all gain faders except for vocals. This will filter out everything but the vocals
  4. Now change the “sensitivity” below the gain fader. This fader changes how the filter sensitivity is applied. Somewhere between 7-9 is usually good, but click “preview” to test out the setting before rendering.
  5. When you have found out the sensitivity that sounds best, hit “Render” in the down-right corner of the window.
  6. When rendering is done, click on “File” -> “Export” and select where you want the file to be exported to. ‘
  7. Now we’re done. Drag in the file into your DAW and have fun. 🙂