How to Setup a MIDI Controller in FL Studio

September 28, 2019

MIDI controllers are handy tools to use when recording MIDI, playing live or just to jam and get the creativity going a bit. Many of them are almost plug and play (just connect the USB into your computer) and really easy to set up. This small guide will show you how you can setup your MIDI controller inside FL Studio.

  1. Start by connecting your MIDI controller to your computer. 
  2. Go inside FL Studio and select Options in your toolbar.
  3. Under options you will see a tab called MIDI settings. Click this one.
  4. A new window will pop up with all of your MIDI Settings. Start by searching for your controller in the “Controller Type” tab.
  5. Can’t find your model? Press the little question mark for help on the Image Line forum.
  6. When you have selected a controller, make sure that Master Sync is enabled. This will sync the project’s tempo and other parameters with the controller.
  7. Look inside the MIDI settings for Input. Make sure that this is enabled.
  8. Now open up a synth / sample / whatever and press a button on your controller and see if it works.

That’s it. Have fun.