How to Fix Crackling Sounds in FL Studio

September 29, 2019

Do you experience a crackling sound when working on your music in FL Studio? Does it get worse as the project file gets bigger and more CPU-heavy? This is a common problem that many producers experience. There are a few ways to fix this, so let's get going.

Increase the buffer size / lenght

A smaller buffer size leads to less latency when working with MIDI-controllers and pressing the play button in FL Studio. When recording MIDI-instruments you want the delay to be as small as possible between pressing a key / button / fader and hearing the sound (smaller buffer size) but when you're just producing you can increase it without major problems.

  • Go to Settings -> Audio Settings.
  • Look for the buffer lenght setting.
  • Click the button and increase it by the slider and / or radio buttons (depening on your audio interface)
This is how it looks for the standard FL Studio ASIO driver.

How does it sound now? It should be way less underruns and the audio should play smoothly.

This didn't fix the problem. Help me.

If the problem isn't solved, you should check how much you're pushing your CPU when working. If it gets too heavy for the CPU to handle, try to render some tracks to audio and disable some plugins for it to calm down.

But how do I render tracks to audio? Well I'll tell you.

  • Open up your mixer.
  • Choose some tracks that are using the most effects and / or the most CPU heavy plugins.
  • Press the Arm Disk Recording button at the bottom of the mixer channel
  • Press the little white arrow in the top left corner of your mixer. 
  • Press Disk Recording -> Render to Wav Files.
  • Let it render

Okay, now you'll see all your rendered audio tracks in the playlist. Let's disable the plugins and effects that aren't in use anymore.

  • Press the little green Mute button in the channel rack for ALL plugins that aren't in use anymore.
  • Press the little green Mute button for all effects on all mixer channels for the rendered tracks.

How about now? Did the CPU chill down and the crackling disappeared? I hope so.