Xfer OTT Review

September 26, 2019

Everyone uses OTT

OTT, or Over the Top Compression, can be seen everywhere from live streaming produces to 99% of downloadable remakes on YouTube. Why is that? Well, first of all it’s a totally free effect plugin. It’s also a really nice little effect to use when you want a sound to be a little brighter, a little grittier and of course a bit more compressed.‍

> Download OTT at Pluginboutique.com

> Download OTT at Xferrecords.com

When, where and why should I use it?

This is totally down to preference. If you use OTT on many sounds throughout your productions, eventually you’ll get a feel for how it changes the sound and when it can help you make your sounds how you want them.

The thing about OTT is that it can easily be overused. If you use it on every sound in your production, you’ll probably end up with a really weird mix that sounds dull and squashed. It does bring out some high end in your sounds (if you don’t compensate for it with the controls) and of course you don’t want too much high end on every sound. Use it but use it wisely.