Nicky Romero Kickstart Review

September 27, 2019

What is Kickstart?

Have you ever used a technique called sidechaining? If you're a electronic music producer I'm sure you have. Sidechaining is when you duck (lowering the volume) of an element mainly to the beat of the kick drum (but you can use it to duck under any element you want). Nicky Romero Kickstart by Cableguys makes this process really easy.

Kickstart can be loaded on any channel that you want to sidechain. Simply select one of the sidechaining presets, select the mix amount (how much you want the element to duck) and you're done. Easy as that.

Kickstart has four tempo options; 1/8 notes, 1/4 notes (which is the most common in four-to-the-floor music styles), 1/2 and 1/1. You can also have it triggered by another channel in you DAW. You'll find the settings for this by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner as shown on the picture below.

Why would I use Kickstart?

Well, there are many reasons that you would like to use it. The main one is probably that it saves a bit of time. You don't have to load up a compressor, route the kick channel to this channel and mess with the sidechain settings. It may also just save a little bit of CPU power.

Where do I get it?

You can buy it for $15 at the plugins official website.